Use the Building page to manage existing rooms in a site, add and delete rooms and clients, and manage floor ports and patching lists. Find it in the main navigation menu.

Building management screen

Room name: Room name gives a list of provisioned rooms in the site. Total Rooms, on the bottom left of the table, shows the total rooms in the list. More rooms can be added using the Add button on the top bar.
Company: This shows the name of the client that is installed in a room.
Total Workstations: This is the number of workstations in a room. It is not an indication of the number of workstations available.
Floor: This is the level of the building where the office resides.

Along the bottom of the table total number of rooms, and available rooms and workstations are displayed.

Actions from building page

From the Building page, you can:

Please see below video for the Building within Connect:


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