1. Do you want to assign members to the plan? If so you will choose a Membership Type plan.

  2. Do you want to give customers the ability to purchase multiple and different packages in a single purchase? This requires a Membership Type Plan.

  3. Make sure you have the correct products set up. You will need a Time Based Plan product to be able to assign members. If you want to apply a setup fee and deposit, make sure you have the items created.

  4. Make sure your products are available at the locations that you will be offering the Plans and Packages at.

  5. Consider Pricing Schedules, do you want to have only monthly pricing or offer advantageous rates for longer agreement periods.

  6. Will you offer a discounted Pricing Schedule for existing clients?

  7. Think about the products you are going to offer and plan how to group your Packages into Plans (one Plan can have up to 4 Packages)

  8. Make sure you have a Payment Gateway set up.

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