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Here is a list of Types of Online Plans that you could set up, based on different kinds of products, and what Plan Type you should choose for each:

Time Based Plans

Time Based Plans are used for Memberships where designated time use is needed to be assigned per Member. Time Based Plans also allow you to assign one or multiple Members to agreements. You will a use Membership Type plan for a Time Based Plan.

Membership Plans

Like Time Based Plans, Members are assigned to Member Plans. Unlike Time Based Plans though, the time allocation feature for Members is not used (the Time Allocated remains at 0 which gives unlimited usage). You will a use Membership Type plan for a Membership Plan.

Virtual Office Plans

Virtual Office Plans allow you to sell Virtual Services and do not require Members to be assigned to the Plan. You will a use General Type plan for a Virtual Plan.

Office Plans

An Office Plan will allow a customer to purchase an office space agreement online. You will use a General Type plan for Office Plans.

Recurring Services

Recurring Services that you would like to have separate agreements for, can be set up as Plans and Packages in their own right. You will use a General Type plan for Recurring Service Plans.

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