The essensys username based Wi-Fi solution uses a single SSID across your site which your clients use to access their secure VLAN. Each person who needs access to the Wi-Fi should be set up as a client user on Connect, where they can then have Wi-Fi services assigned to them.

Requirements for username based Wi-Fi service

Firstly your site needs to be configured to make use of username based Wi-Fi services. If you are unsure whether your site has been set up please log a support case with essensys to check.

Each client that requires Wi-Fi access will need a Wireless LAN service added to their account - you can learn more about adding services to your customers here.

Adding clients to the service

Please read the Wi-Fi Users article to learn more about how to add and manage Wi-Fi users for your customers. 

If the user who you wish to grant Wi-Fi access to does not appear in the list, please check that their home site is set correctly under their profile set up. This can be found under User Administration.

Once users have been assigned Wi-Fi accounts they are ready to connect. Once invited, each user will receive an email with a randomly generated password. A guide to connecting to Wi-Fi secure is available for you here. There is also a guide for your members in our Member Knowledge Base.

By default, up to three concurrent Wi-Fi devices may be connected using their Connect username and this password. The number of concurrent devices may be changed, click here to learn how.

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