To use the app you must:

  1. Have the app downloaded onto your phone.

  2. Be a registered user on Connect with a username and password.

  3. Have a telephone number associated with your account.

Installing the app

To download the app, use the links below. The app is free and can be downloaded directly to your device.

Visit the iTunes store and search for 'essensys Connect', or select the link below.


Visit the Google Play store and search for 'essensys Connect' or select the link below. 

Registering as a user on Connect

Once you have downloaded and opened the Connect app you will be asked to login using your username and password. These are the same details that you use to login to Connect on your browser. If you are not registered with Connect and do not have a username and password contact centre staff who can create you as a user and invite you to Connect.

Associating your extension with your username

As a user you must be associated with a phone number, which can be done through Staff User Administration. You will need to pick the correct Home Site and pick an extension in the Associated Extension field. You can now use the app to manage services for this number.

Using the Connect app

The Connect currently offers the following options:

Click to call:

Click to call allows you to initiate calls from your desk phone using your phone and proceeds in the following steps:

  • Selecting 'click to call' takes you to a list of contacts from which you can select a number to call.

  • Tapping the number you want will cause your desk phone to ring.

  • To make the outbound call pick up the receiver while the phone is ringing. If you do not pick up the phone the call will eventually time out.


  • Call forwarding - Tap the downward arrow in the box below this option and enter a number. Tap the toggle to turn on call forwarding and receive calls from your desk phone at this number.

  • Do not disturb - Turning on Do not disturb will automatically divert all calls to voicemail.

  • Hide my number - Turning this on will prevent your number from appearing on outbound calls.

  • Reset voicemail and login PIN - Tap this option to reset the PIN number used to access to voicemail and login as a Tier 1 user. You will be taken to another screen where your default PIN is displayed.

Note that this option is not available if you are associated with a Main Number.

Call history:

View past calls made from your handset. Note that this option is not available if you are associated with a Main Number.

Handset login:

This feature allows you to login to your handset automatically by scanning the QR code with the camera on your mobile phone.

Select 'Handset Login', and the app will access your camera. Hold the camera over the QR code on your handset. When the QR code has been recognised by the camera, a message 'Your phone is now logging in' will appear on your app.

Your handset will then show 'Reboot initiated', which indicates that it is beginning to login.

The app is also available to client users who can login using their username and password. 

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