As of October 1st, Connect will be moving to a username and password based authentication method. Users will no longer be able to log in using their telephone number and PIN.

Why the change?

By using a personal username and password, users will gain the benefits of:

  • Access to advanced features: users will be able to log in to the Connect app, giving them the ability to use the QR code handset login feature, to reset their PIN, and to access telephony feature management via their mobile device
  • Soft phone access: users will be able to use the Soft Phone to make and receive calls via their browser
  • Increased security: An email address and personally created password following strong policies, allows for a more secure account, which can easily be removed if a particular user leaves the business.

Inviting users

In order to ensure your members retain access to Connect after 1st of October, you will need to trigger an email invitation from Connect, asking users to create an account. You can do this via the Clients page. See Inviting new users for more detail.
 Once the email invitation is received, users will need to follow the link provided within the email to complete their registration.

Associate users with extensions

To complete the registration process, and give users access to all features on Connect, you will need to associate their user name with their extension. This can be done by navigating to User Manager, clicking 'please select an extension' next to the user's name and selecting their phone number.
 Admin users are able to associate extensions for themselves, and for their colleagues.

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