eFax or Fax to Email is a general term for a service that allows you to receive faxes via the Internet, without the use of an analogue line. (Currently, this service is only available to our US clients.)

How is this set up?

  • Add the E-Fax product to the Services section of your client's account

  • Adding the product will automatically generate a new Support Case

  • The Support Desk will contact you to request confirmation of the number that you would like to use for the service, and the e-mail address that you would like the faxes to be sent to

  • Following receipt of the information, the Support Desk will set the service up

  • You will receive an update on the case to confirm once complete

How do I know if I've received an eFax?

There can be only one receiver per tenant. In order to be the designated receiver, a user must request this access from their office administrator or site operator.

You will receive eFaxes as a standard email from "". The subject will say "Fax Message Attached from 5554443333 – Jane Doe" (where "5554443333" is the DDI of the machine that sent the fax and “Jane Doe” is the name of the user or company that sent it.) The fax, itself, will come as a ".tif" attachment. Here is an example of what the email will look like below:

If you have any questions/concerns regarding eFax, please raise a case via the Support tab in Connect.

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