Open the workflow that you want to add an SMS workflow action to, and click on the New button under Workflow Actions.

  1. Select SMS Alert and click Add:

  2. Now configure the SMS alert:

  • Give the action a name (something that will easily tell a user what the action does)

  • Check the box for Time Based if required

  • Specify who will receive the SMS text and add any additional recipients' phone numbers if applicable. You can choose between:

  •    Record Owner - the mobile/cell number tied to the Operate user assigned as the owner of that particular record

  •    Record Mobile/Cell Number - the external mobile/cell number listed     within the record (this will be an actual contact, not a Operate user)

  •    Operate User - when this is chosen, a dropdown list will appear for you to choose a specific Operate user

  • Select the SMS template that you want to use (this must be created under Settings > Templates > SMS templates. The Module selected here must match the Module selected under the Workflow Name)

  • Make the workflow action active by checking the box 'Make action active' and Save

NOTE: If you change the Module that the workflow is based on after saving, the template used for the SMS alert will be unset, you will need to edit the action and select another.

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