When a customer views a General Plan they will firstly see the Plan Location Page (if applicable):

Clicking on Select will take the customer to the Package Selection Page:

In this example above, Hot Desk Bronze and Hot Desk Silver have Pricing Schedules for more than one period so they have a ‘Read More’ button.

The Hot Desk Gold ONLY has an annual price so the Buy Now button will take the customer straight to the purchase.

Clicking on Read More for the Hot Desk Bronze Package takes the customer through to the Pricing Schedule:

Clicking on Buy Now then takes the customer to the purchase page where they choose the Plan start date, add any additional services and apply a Promo Code if they have one.

Clicking on Check Out will then take the customer to the Payment Details Page:

The customer is then prompted to fill in their Payment Details and to click on Buy Now to complete the purchase through your chosen Payment Gateway:

Click here to see what a customer sees on a Membership type plan.

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