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Removing a Product from essensys Operate: Deleting vs. Discontinuing
Removing a Product from essensys Operate: Deleting vs. Discontinuing

Choosing Between Deleting and Discontinuing a Product in essensys Operate

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When a product is no longer being provided by your organization, it would be advisable to make it unavailable in Operate as well. There are two methods which you can use for this purpose: either to delete or to discontinue the product/

First, let’s look at how you can quickly delete or discontinue a product:

  • Go to Space > Products and find the product that you would like to remove.

  • If you have a long list of products, you can use the Filter search box on the right to search for your product.

  • Once you find it, select it in the list by checking the box.

  • Now, use the Delete button at the top to delete the product or click Update and select Discontinue from the list to mark it as discontinued.

When should you Delete/Discontinue a Product?

You should DELETE a product when you are sure that you will no longer need to use it in the future; meaning:

  • You will no longer sell it / provide it to your customers.

  • You do not want to keep further records of it within Operate. Please note that records where this product might be present (i.e. any unissued customer invoice) will be affected by the deletion and the product will no longer be listed.

If there is any possibility to change your mind about a product that you have deleted, you can leave it in the Recycle Bin (accessible via the bin icon next to your profile picture). You will be able to restore the product from here, any time in the future. If you empty the Recycle Bin, the product deletion will be system wide and permanent; therefore, please do not completely delete a product unless you are 100% sure that no records will be affected. Keeping it in the Recycle Bin is a good way to keep the record recoverable in case the deletion causes any side effects.

You should DISCONTINUE a product when you no longer use it, but you want to keep records of it and allow it to be made available again in the future. Unlike deleting, discontinuing a product does not impact any existing documents or records and ensures that you can use the product again, while keeping track of related activity within Operate.

If you discontinue a product that is part of a Licence, it will continue to rollover on any Licence, even if discontinued – it would only be upon creation of a new Licence that they would not be available to add.

We recommend discontinuing products instead of deleting them, since it allows you to prevent any unwanted errors, keep records of or reuse the product.

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