Call Charges in the Clients page allows you to send out itemised call charges to client. You can choose to see bills for individual clients, or multiple bills can be grouped together.

Creating a bill from a single client

Select a client in the Clients page and click on Call Charges > Single Client Call Charges

You will then select a month's bill to be downloaded:

And given download options once a month has been selected:

Both buttons will cause a Microsoft Excel document to download to your computer, which will open in Excel.

On the main page is also a Per-Extension Summary of the client's calls showing extension numbers against Total Billable Calls and Total Cost. There is an option to show Itemised Calls (dropdown menu to the top right of the screen), which shows more call details.

Creating bills for multiple clients

Multibilling can be selected from the menu without selecting a client. You will be redirected to a page where you can select clients that you want to be included in the bill. This can be all clients and is done by checking boxes next to a client's name. Once clients have been selected you will have to enter a Destination Email Address where the bill will be sent.

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