When a customer views a Membership Plan they will firstly see the Plan Location Page (if applicable):

After selecting a Location the customer will be taken straight to the Purchase Page.

On this page the customer will select:

  • the start date of their agreement
  • choose the payment frequency from the picklist (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual if you have set a Pricing Schedule for all of these periods)
  • select the number of memberships that they want to purchase

The customer must fill out the member details and can select any of the Packages that belong to the Plan, each member can have a different Package:

The customer can then choose to purchase any quantity of Add-ons that are available with the selected Packages, by entering a quantity and clicking refresh to add to the Check Out total:

Once all Add-ons have been selected, the customer can apply a Promo Code if they have one and then click on Check Out to go to the Payment Details page to complete their purchase:

The email notifications will then be sent, internal to notify your organization of a new customer, and a confirmation to the customer of their purchase and invitation to join the Portal.

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