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Activating, Suspending and Decommissioning Clients in Connect
Activating, Suspending and Decommissioning Clients in Connect

Using the Edit Client function in Connect to change the status of a client, including suspension and decommission.

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From the Clients page click on the client you want to edit and click Edit Client found under the More button. Use Edit Client to see details of existing clients and make some changes to their settings. You can also alter clients between Virtual and Residential here.

Status: This shows the status of the client within Connect.

  • Active: The client is active and all services should be active and ready to use within Connect.

  • Decommissioned: The client’s account has been closed down and service provision has ceased. The status of such clients will be ‘Inactive’ and they should appear in the Show Inactive Clients area of the clients page. Note, once a client has been Decommissioned this cannot be undone.

  • Suspended: Service provision for this client has temporarily ceased. This will cease all outbound calls for the client and Internet Services. Note that clients can still receive calls on Connect provided handsets and numbers.

Status can be changed using the Edit Status button:

  • Activate: When a client is scheduled to receive services in the future (this is marked New or Click to Complete in the client overview) they may need to be manually activated please see this guide here.

  • Suspend/Unsuspend: This has the same effect as decommission, but only temporarily. Services can be reactivated by seeing this guide here.

  • Decommission: Decommissioning a client closes the client’s contract and ceases their services. Please see this guide here.

Activating a Scheduled or Click to Complete Client

You can activate a Scheduled or Click to Complete client within Connect early before their activation date,

If we head to Edit Status and then select Activate,

Connect will now activate the client ready for you to add Services if required or activated already added services.

Suspending or Unsuspending a Client

To Suspend an Active client if we head to Edit Status and select Suspend

Once selected Connect will ask you if you want to proceed and Suspend this client if you are happy to please click Yes.

Once Yes has been clicked Connect will now go and Suspend the client.

If you then wish to Unsuspend the client please head to Edit Status and then click on Unsuspend,

Connect will then ask if you wish to Activate the client to which you can then click on Yes, once clicked on Connect will activate the client.

Decommissioning a Client

When Decommissioning a client Connect gives you the option to schedule a client to be decommissioned at a future date.

Once you have click on Yes, Scheduled you will then be asked to provide a date of this schedule,

If you want to cancel a scheduled decommission you can do this by returning to Edit Status and selecting Cancel Scheduled Decommission.

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