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Managing Services in Connect
Managing Services in Connect

How to add, remove and manage client services in Connect

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You can view the services associated with a client, and add or amend their services within Connect.

Go to the Clients page within the main navigation.

Viewing Available Services

The services available at your site are listed in your Pricebook. You can view your Pricebook in the Clients page by selecting Services

You can download a PDF copy of your Pricebook (both with and without prices listed).

Adding, Editing and Removing Services

Click on the client whose services you want to view or change, and select Manage Services.

The services currently used and billed to the client are displayed alongside the start date, status, cost price, price and quantity. Select Show ceased services to see services that have been manually removed from the client, or services that have had their quantity reduced.

Adding or changing the quantity of services

Select 'Add and Edit Services'

You will be presented with a list of available services to the left hand side of your screen, while on the right hand side you can see the services currently associated with the client.

Here, you can select the + icon for a service on the left to add it to the client's basket, or select the + and - icons next to amend the quantities. If you wish to remove an existing service please see the next section in this article.

If you have a long list of services, use the Search tool to filter the selection shown.

Once you have made your changes, select Save. You will be presented with a confirmation of the amendments, which includes the difference to the client's monthly payment as well as the cost to you.

If you are happy with the changes, select Confirm to proceed with the additional or removal of services. Otherwise, select Cancel to return to the editing screen.

Removing existing services

On the view services page, click the orange X to remove the desired service.

If you are trying to change services for the client which provides a network or internet connection, you should first add the new service following the steps in the previous section of this article, before removing the old service. 

You will receive the following warning if you try to remove a service which no longer leaves the customer with any services which provide internet or networking.

Below you can watch an overview on how to add and remove services:

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