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How to effectively use Smart Search to quickly find what you need in Connect

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Smart Search allows you to quickly find users, cases, and phone numbers from anywhere within Connect.

Search Results

Enter any text into the search box, and see the top three results from the following categories:


Sites will display next to a building icon.

All sites that you are assigned to are visible, and selecting a site from the search drop down will direct you to the Connect homepage where the relevant site will be preselected from the site dropdown.

Phone numbers

Phone Numbers will display next to a phone icon. You can search either by the DDI:

Or by the First or Last name associated with the number.

Selecting these results will direct you to the Telephone Manager page, where the relevant entry will be highlighted.


Users will display next to an avatar icon.

Users who are 'Tier 2', are users within your company. Selecting Tier 2 users will direct you to the User Administration page where you can manage the user's account.

'Tier 1' users are the clients within your site. Selecting a Tier 1 user will open the User Manager page where you can edit the client's account.


Cases are indicated by a question mark icon. Cases can be searched by entering the case number, or terms which appear in the subject of the case.

Selecting a case will take you directly to the detailed case view.


Clients are displayed next to a briefcase symbol. You can search for a client by entering the name of the client.

Selecting the client name will take you to the Clients page.

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