Overview of the Accounts Receivable Process

To create a bounced check record for one of your customers, go to Invoicing > Accounts Receivable and select the customer that you need to add this for.

  1. Select the Date of the bounced check.
  2. Enter a Reference. This will be visible on your accounts receivable screen and will represent the title of your transaction.
  3. Add comments if needed.
  4. Select a GL code.
  5. Enter the Amount that has been paid.
  6. Notice that the amount is being displayed below, as unallocated You will need to allocate the sum to an outstanding invoice below.
  7. To allocate the amount to an invoice, find it in the list below, and enter the amount under the corresponding column. You can allocate the entire amount you have entered above to one invoice or split it into smaller amounts and allocated to multiple invoices.
  8. When you are ready, click OK to add the payment.
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