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Connect - Polycom VVX Handset User Guide
Connect - Polycom VVX Handset User Guide

Operate Connect: Using the Polycom VVX Handset

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1. Line Keys – Can be used to answer and end calls

2. Soft Keys – Functions are displayed along the bottom of the screen
3. Transfer – Initiates a call transfer
4. Hold – Toggles the hold function on / off
5. Volume – Adjusts call volume when on a call, and ring volume when not
6. Speed Dials – Can be programmed with frequently called contacts
7. Home – Displays the Home Screen, where further functionality can be accessed
8. Navigation – Navigates through functions and accesses call history.
9. Headset – Toggles between your headset and handset
10. Speaker – Toggles the speaker function on / off
11. Mute – Toggles the mute function on / off

Log In

· Press softkey “More”, then “Guest In”
· Enter your ext number in the Login field
· Use the Navigation buttons to move down to the Passcode field below
· Enter your voicemail pin (you can reset this via your centre manager / the Connect App if unknown)
· Press softkey “OK” to reboot
· When logged in, your display screen will show the ext number on top left
Log Out

· Press softkey “More”, then “Guest Out”
· Your handset will now reboot
· When logged out, your display screen will show a /// reference

· Dial 1571 or press the envelope icon
· Enter your voicemail pin (you will be asked to change this on your first login)
· Follow the automated instructions to listen to voicemails or record greetings
· When you first login, you will be asked to record your name only - you will then need to go back
 and record greetings
· Greetings for when you are busy or unavailable are separate – please remember to record both
· The number you should dial to access your voicemail box externally is included on your Service
 Guide (available from your centre manager)
· To access your company main line voicemail box from your handset, dial 1571 as normal, but
 then choose * and enter the extension number of your main line.
Forward Calls

· Press softkey “Forward”
· Using the Navigation keys, choose whether you would like to forward all calls, calls coming in
 when you’re busy (on another call / on Do Not Disturb), or only unanswered calls

· Enter the number that you would like to send calls to
· Press “Enable”
· You will now see a handset and arrow icon on the top right of your screen
· To disable your call forward, press the “Forward” softkey and then “Disable”
Transfer a Call

· When on a call, press softkey “Transfer”
· Enter the number that you would like to transfer the call to
· If you would like to announce the call to the person you are transferring to, wait until they
 answer, speak and then press “Transfer”
· If you would like to put the call straight through, press “Transfer”

· When on a call, press softkey “More”
· Press softkey “Conference”
· Dial the number of the person you would like to add to the call and wait for their answer
· Press “Conference” to join all parties
· Please note that you can only have a total of 10 other attendees, in addition to yourself

DND (Do Not Disturb)

· DND is displayed on one of the handset softkeys - press to toggle on & off
· When on, the telephone icon on the top right of the screen will change to include a small red sign

· Press the Home button
· Use the Navigation buttons to scroll along and choose “Directories”
· Choose Contact Directory
· Press “Add” and enter contact details
· Please note that using a number in the Favourite field will add the contact as a speed dial on your
 main screen
· Press “Save”
Call Lists

· Missed Calls – Down Navigation Button
· Received Calls – Left Navigation Button
· Placed Calls – Right Navigation Button
· Favourites – Up Navigation Button
Number Presentation

· Your number will not be shown on outbound calls as default
· To display your number, press #31
· To hide your number, press *31
· The option you choose will apply to all further calls, you do not need to press before each call
· To display your main line number, your centre manager can set via Connect

Polycom Headset Compatibility

When you receive your new Polycom VVX 410 phone, the current headset that you have may not be compatible with the new device. Please see the link below, noting compatible Polycom headsets.

How to Use Your Headset

Once you have your compatible Polycom VVX 410 headset, please plug the RJ-11 cable into the back of the phone, into the far left port with the headset icon. Once connected, you can press the headset icon on the far right hand side of the phone to utilize your headset. If you do not want to utilize the headset function, please press the headset icon once more, and it will return to the normal handset function.

Printable version of this document HERE.

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