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Accessing call recordings via Connect

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essensys can provide clients with a full Call Recording platform and portal. Clients can listen to, download, export or email recorded calls or groups of recorded calls straight from the easy to use portal.

Clients can request access to the portal for individual end users, or for Group Admins.

The portal can be found here: Call recording portal.

Using the Call Recording Portal

Once logged in, calls are displayed chronologically in the right-hand panel of the screen. You can search for specific calls using such filters as time/date, caller/callee, or incoming or outgoing calls.

To play a call, simply click on the speaker icon:

You can also export individual calls, or groups of calls, using the Pick an Action drop down menu.

By clicking on the Live tab at the top of the screen, you can even listen to live calls.
Calls in red indicate that the call is in progress. Calls in grey indicate the user's last call.

You can access your call reports, by clicking on the Reports tab again, searching using a number of different filters such as date/time callee/caller etc.

essensys does not provide an export service, clients must use the portal to do it themselves.

It is also important to note that phone lines that have call forwarding setup to a mobile or similar will not have those forwarded phone calls recorded.

Call Recording and Storage Policies

There are protocols in place in regards to storing calls:

  • When a tenant moves out their call recording data is deleted 30 days after they are de-provisioned on Connect

  • Clients will not be warned regarding the deleting of data. It is up to clients to handle their own compliance processes by downloading calls when needed.

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