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Inserting tables into an essensys Operate Email Template
Inserting tables into an essensys Operate Email Template

A guide to Adding Tables to essensys Operate Email Templates

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You can insert tables into email templates, but first you must have created the table that you want to use in a Word document.

You can then copy and paste the table from the Word document into a new email template in Operate.

Click here for help on copying and pasting from a Word document.

If you have cells in a spreadsheet that you want to use as a table in an Email Template, you will first need to copy the cells from the spreadsheet into Word and then follow the steps for copying a Word document.

Once you have pasted the table in, there is a limited ability to edit the table:

  • You can change the text content of the cells

  • You can make the columns wider by typing a longer word

  • You can change the row height by adding or deleting text in the cells

You will not be able to:

  • Resize the columns and rows by grabbing the borders

  • Change the colour of the borders

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