Creating a Timebased Workflow Action in essensys Operate

Trigger Workflow Actions After a Certain Amount of Time in essensys Operate

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Timebased workflows trigger their workflow actions a specified number of minutes, hours or days, before or after a given date and time.

For example, you could remind a lead owner to chase up a lead that is still in status 'Open' 30 days after the creation day.

To create a Timebased workflow action:

  • Create a new workflow or edit an existing one. If you need help, this article explains the process.

  • Create or edit any existing type of workflow action: Email, SMS, Task, Field Update.

Your actions will contain a section where you can enable a time based action.

Next, set when you want this action to happen by entering the number of minutes hours or days:

Then, sselect whether this action should happen before or after the date and time field you want to use to trigger the workflow action:

Continue configuring your action as per the processes linked above, depending on the type of action you are setting up. 

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