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Operate - Terminating a Licence

The General Licence Termination Process in essensys Operate

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When a client leaves your offices, you need to terminate their licence in order to ensure that no more bills are issued to their account. You can terminate the licence as soon as the customer vacates your office.

The licence termination process is as follows:

  • Your client gives a notice - To set this up, go to the licence and place it under notice by adding a Notice date and expected move out date. Operate then adds a termination date to all licence related documents.

  • Create a Workflow to remind your centre manager that the client is going to leave, approximately 1 week prior to the end date

  • Have an operator confirm that the client is still leaving

  • If yes, take no action yet.

  • If the client needs to extend occupancy then extend the licence from the Licence page.

  • If the client wants to stay, take out a new licence by transferring the existing licence to a new contract (your client will sign a new licence agreement. If you are retaining the existing licence, then the licence needs to be extended to the original End date instead

  • Terminate the Licence.  To do so, go to Member > Licences, edit your desired licence and click Terminate.  

  • Add licence termination details:

  • Add the Termination Date.

  • Choose whether you want to include the Deposit/Retainer - This will create a credit note corresponding to the deposit/retainer amount existing on the customer’s account, thus refunding the deposit/retainer.

  • Choose a Reason for Termination.

  • Select a Movement Type - In the case of a leaving customer, select Move Out.

  • Add a Forwarding Address, to be used for any mail correspondence arriving to your offices after the client has vacated.

  • Click OK to complete the licence termination, which will take effect immediately. 

  • Create a final bill run to generate an invoice for any unbilled charges on their account.

  • Refund the Deposit (from your Accounts Receivable section) after the client has left.

  • Once you can be sure the client has no further charges then end the acount by adding an end date and changing the Account type to Ex-client.

Note :- Any debts that the client has are not affected by the termination of the license.

Note 2 - If the client has any payments made in advance, the licence termination process will not automatically credit them for the paid amounts. These payments need to be identified in the customer's Accounts Receivable record and credited either by creating a credit note or using a Journal Credit.

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