Operate - Terminating a Service on a Licence

Make Changes to an essensys Operate Licence when it the Remains Active, but the client Terminates a Service

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When a contract service related to a licence needs to be terminated, you need to process the termination from within the licence page.

Terminating Process

  • Go to Member > Licences.

  • Find your customer’s licence and edit it.

  • Scroll down to the Contract Services section and find the service that you need to terminate.

  • Click the Terminate button.           

  • Choose on which date you would like to terminate this service and click OK to save your changes.    

The service will now be displayed in the list of contract services as Terminated.

Please note:

If you need to terminate a contract service earlier than the actual end date, please ensure you reflect this on the contract schedule to prevent your client being billed further.

For example, this product schedule is from 17/05/2022 - 01/09/2022. If we terminate this service now, the client will continue being billed until 01/09/2022.

To prevent this, we will need to edit the Licence > edit the service to be terminated and bring the 'Date To' forward which removes the billing schedule. If you need to still bill the client for the first month of this service then you would change the 'Date To' to reflect the correct schedule.

One this has been done you can then terminate the service.

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