From the Building page you can manage new and existing rooms.

How to add rooms

Rooms can be added to Connect for a building when you click on the Add button. Fill in the form found here. When counting workstations, this can correlate to the number of available floor ports, but can also indicate the number of desks in the room. Floor is the floor in the building where the office is located.

N.B. To associate a particular residential client with an office, use the Office menu in the Clients page. When this has been done the name of the client using the room will appear in the Company field.

How to edit rooms

Select a client from the Building page and click Edit. The Edit page shows the same fields as the add page except for a new field that shows the client that is currently using the room. This cannot be altered here (please see Office for more details about associating offices and clients). Use this page to update Name, Workstations and Floor of the office.

How to delete rooms

To delete a room, simply click Delete, and a prompt will appear asking you whether you want to delete the room.

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