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Connect Switch Manager
Introduction - Connect Switch Management
Introduction - Connect Switch Management

The basics of using Connect Switch Manager.

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Managing Switches

The Switches page allows you to configure the network switches installed in the site. It gives you a 'live' graphical representation of the switches.

Select Switches from the main navigation.

Select the required switch from the Please Select a Switch dropdown menu.

Allocating a Switch port to a Client

Once you have selected a switch as described above, you can then allocate a switch port to a client. To do this, please follow the below steps:

Select the switch port you want to allocate. Once you select the switch port, you will see an orange ring around the port:

Now select Edit Port:

On the next screen, you need to select a Role for the port and which Client to allocate it to. The Port roles are:

Unallocated - This would be to unassign a switch port to a client which has already been assigned.

LAN Only - This is for devices such as Printers, TV's and the LAN Port of Routers/Firewalls/Internet

Public IP - This is for the WAN port of a Router/Firewall

Voice - This is for a port with only a handset connected

Voice/LAN/Internet - This is the most common port role. This is for ports with a handset connected, and then a PC/Laptop connected to the handset.

Once you have selected a role and the client, click Save.

Switch port lists

You will then see a graphical representation of the selected switch.

  • Green Ports = Port Active

  • Grey Ports = Port Inactive

  • White Numerals = Port Assigned

  • Black Numerals = Port Unassigned

  • Orange Ring = Port Selected

  • Red Numerals = Port Locked (Can not be changed or un-patched)

To see all patching information for a single client, choose the client from the dropdown and then For Client from the Switch Port List dropdown.

To see all patching information for the site, choose For Site from the Switch Port List dropdown.

You can view the list in a table or export it to CSV for auditing by clicking on the Export link.

To edit port details, click Edit Port. If one or more of these ports are already configured for another customer, you will get a warning but will be allowed to proceed and reconfigure them.

Please see below video for the Switches section,

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