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Member Portal: Adding Online Plans to Your Website

Member Portal: Preview Plans and Add Them to Your Website

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Preview Your Plan

Before publishing your plan, it's a good idea to preview it first and see how it may look on your website.

To preview your plan, start by going to Portal > Online Plans, in the Operate main menu. then clicking on the Plan that you want to publish. Next, click on the Preview Plan hyperlink:

The Plan Page will open in a new browser tab. If you have made your Plan available at more than one Location, you will first be prompted to select a Location. If you only have one location, this page will be skipped and the plan will open to display the packages immediately:

Publish Your Plan

To publish your Plan, take the URL from the Plan Preview and give it to your Webmaster to add to your Website.

You could also consider sending this URL as a link to a relevant Plan or Package as an email response to specific enquiries.

Here is a sample page that will give you an idea about how plans may look like on your website, after they have been integrated into your design:

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