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Enabling External Meeting Room Bookings on the Member Portal

Sell Meeting Rooms to External Clients on Your Member Portal

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When using the term External Meeting Room Bookings, Operate is referring to bookings that can be made by external customers - who have never bought from you and are not members of your portal.


1. Configure Hourly, Half Day and Full Day Bookings 

External Rates are applies to new customers, who have never bought from you. You can set these to a lower, equal or higher level, compared to your internal rates (applied to your existing customers). To enable external rates, please follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Operate Settings > General.

  • Select System > Operate Settings in the menu on the right. 

  • Select Calendar Settings

  • Enter how many minutes you want to include in a half day and full day booking. Save your changes when you are ready. Please make sure that the desired Location is selected in the dropdown at the top of this section. You can leave this set to "All Locations" if you do not have Location specific settings configured here.

2. Set Up Your External Rates

  • Search for the meeting room that you want to make available for external bookings (using the global. Search box). Alternatively, go to Space > Products > and find it in your list.  Edit the Meeting Room to proceed. 

  • Under the Rates section, set your rates for both internal and external customers. 

3. Copy Your Website Booking Widget

  • Go to Settings > General.

  • Select Portal > Meeting Rooms. 

  • Scroll down to Step 3 and copy the widget code. Give this code to your webmaster so that the widget can be customized in accordance with your website design. 

Your customers can now use this widget to book meeting rooms at your location. After their first purchase, they will become Internal clients and the Internal Rate will be applied to their next booking. 

Here is how the widget can look like:


If your customers are having trouble booking the space you have made available, please ensure that your Availability app does not block the dates they want to book. 

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