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Troubleshooting Connect Handset Login Issues
Troubleshooting Connect Handset Login Issues

Some steps to help you resolve Handset issues

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Please follow the steps below if you are having difficulty logging in a handset:

Voicemail PIN

  • Reset the Voicemail PIN on Connect for the Telephone Number. See here for more details about how to reset a PIN and return it to its default value.

  • Once the PIN is reset, try logging in again. Note – When logging into the voicemail after a PIN reset, you will be notified that the PIN will need to be changed again.

Configuration in Telephone Manager

  • Check that the number is set up correctly in Connect. Double check that the correct ‘Device Type’ has been selected (Client Manager > Telephone Manager > select Number > Edit).

Configuration in Switch Manager and Patching

  • Check that the switch port is set up correctly on Connect. Double check that the switch port is allocated to the correct client and is set up as a ‘Voice’ or ‘Voice/LAN/Internet’ port. 

  • Does the floor port link up with the correct switch port in the Comms Room?

  • If the patching is correct, search for the MAC address on Connect under Switches. This will tell you which switch port the handset is connected to. If the result is ‘No Port Found’, plug the handset directly in to the switch port instead of the floor port and retry:

  • If the MAC Address Finder brings up a switchport, select the switch port the handset is connected to and then select ‘More Details’. In the output, find the MAC of the handset and check it is in the correct VLAN. You can identify this by making sure the last 4 characters of the VLAN are ‘voip’:

  • If the handset is not in the voip VLAN, reset the power on the port (Switches – select the port – select ‘Power Cycle Port’).

Next Steps

If the issue persists, raise a case within Connect and copy the template below with the following details:

Telephone Number =

MAC Address =  

The /// number (if applicable, this will be on the home screen of the handset) =

Switch port =

Error on the handset =

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