Things to Consider when Launching Your essensys Member Portal

Here is a list of aspects that you might want to consider on when launching your essensys Member Portal:

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Staff Access

Ensure your centre teams are added as a contact record in Operate, allowing them to complete their profile and connect with members. To do this you will need to create an Account for your Business in Operate, add your staff as contacts and issue their passwords. After this, your staff can log into the Portal and update their profiles.

Decide on the access level you want to give to each staff member.

Set Up

Decide how bookings will be handled (e.g. will customers be expected to pay at point of sale, or will bookings and services be added to their account for monthly invoicing?)

Set up your Portal to allow clients to sign in with their LinkedIn account. This makes it quick and easy to sign up and build their profile.


  • Ensure your staff follow all of the contacts within their centre and connect with everyone explaining the benefits of the portal.

  • Set team goals on the number of times per week/month they should be posting an Announcement / Shout Out, for example post a Shout Outs when a new company joins, and add an Announcements for each community event.

  • If you have the events module – encourage your center teams to create an event even for informal gatherings such as “Happy Hour”, “Taco Tuesdays’ to encourage member participation and gauge the number of attendees.

  • Create a Promo Code to incentivise members to try booking a meeting room or desk on the portal for the first time.

  • Create a marketing piece to highlight the ease of booking a meeting room from the portal using a smartphone.

  • Consider running a competition for the first clients whose profile is at least 80% complete.

  • Run weekly reports to monitor member profile % levels. Consider talking to those members whose profile % is below 10% to discuss why and if there is anything you can do to assist. Talk to the champion clients who have a really high profile % and seek testimonials. Include the champions in center team shout outs!

  • Create a portal FAQs document with tips and guides for your members. This can either be sent as an email attachment on the portal introduction email, or added to the portal as a custom page. 

  • If you have the Portal Pages feature, consider adding a Location Guide and a My Passbook pages, and highlight to members how useful they are to access from a cell phone. 

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