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Client Site Move in Connect
Client Site Move in Connect

How to use Client Site Move Wizard to move a client and their services to another site within Connect.

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When a client wants to move to another site you have, use the Client Site Move wizard to schedule services to be moved from the existing site to the new site. Find this in Clients page under the More tab.

All Services and Phone numbers will be moved in the process. If you need to change these services please make changes before or after the move manually.

Only a T2 Super Admin is able to perform the Client Site Move function.

How To Perform Client Site Move

Select the client and click Client Site Move to start the Wizard. Fill out the form and click Next:

Pick A Site & Space

Date & Time of Move: Select Move Now or Schedule Move to pick a date and time for services to be decommissioned from current site and moved to the new site.

Select A Site to Move: Pick the destination site where the Client is to be moved to.

Client Tariff At Destination Site: Pick a client tariff to apply to the client at the new site

Client Minute Bundle At Destination Site: Pick a client minute bundle to apply to the client at the new site

Selected Spaces: Pick a space the Client is moving into if required.

T2 user to receive email notification: Pick a T2 email contact receive an email confirmation once the the Client Site Move process is completed.

Review Users

Review the users that will be moved to the new site and click next.

Review Phone Numbers

Review the phone numbers that will be moved to the new site and click next.

Review Services

Review the services that will be moved to the new site and click next.


Review all the details for the client site move are correct and click Finish.

What Happens Next?

The Client at the current site will have its status changed to "Active - move scheduled" while we prepare to move the clients and services to the new site. A task will be shown on the dashboard of the destination site to show the Client Site Move is in progress.

The process can take up to 30 minutes to complete depending on the number of services that is being moved.

A confirmation email of the Client Site Move will be sent to the T2 email if this was selected. You can also track this via the tasks in the dashboard. Once completed the Client will be able to user their services at the new site straight away.

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