Some products and services automatically raise occupier charges on a monthly basis. These charges are always associated with an occupier contract and relate to:

  • Occupancies - The monthly charges for leasing spaces at a site. These charges are agreed when the operator-occupier contract is created, and apply once the contract begins.

  • Services - The monthly charges for consuming services such as voice, internet, and so on. The occupier agrees to these charges when they are assigned services, and the service is chargeable at the contracted start date or when the service was added if that is later.

Rules about the charge day

The day on which monthly charges are raised is subject to the following rules:

  • The first charge associated with an upcoming contract is raised on the first billing or charge day after the contract start.
    Example: A contract created in Jan that starts on 24th of July, with a billing or charge day of the 6th, creates a charge for the first time on the 6th of August.

  • For services, charges also start once the contract is started, but, if the contract started in the past, will only begin once the service is added.
    Example: If the contract started 6 months ago and I add a new voice service today, the first charge for this voice service is raised on the next charge day after today.

  • There are two first charges. The two charges reflect the charge for the first full month of use and the contracted period before the first full month. The first full month may be a pro-rata value if that option was selected when creating the contract.
    Example: If the contract runs from the 15-Sep and the billing or charge day is the 1st, the initial charges are on 01-Oct and charge the occupier for the period from the 15-Sept to the end of Sept and for the whole of Oct.

  • If the billing or charge day falls on a calendar day that is not valid in the month, then the charge is raised on the closest valid date before that date.
    Example: If the charge or billing day falls on the 31st of June, the charge is raised on the 30th of Jun.

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