Follow this process to create a contract if the agreement includes a lease for one or more spaces.

For more information about creating contracts, including how to access these pages and a detailed description of each of the fields used, see Create a contract.

From the Contracts page:

  1. Click Add a Contract.
    The Create a Contract wizard opens. The first page is used to capture the most basic terms for the contract. This includes the contract ID and details of the contract period and billing.

    1. Specify a Contract ID.

    2. Specify the dates associated with this contract. The Term start date for the contract, and either a Term end date or the No end date check box.

    3. Select a Billing day for this contract.
      For more information about billing day, see About monthly charges.

    4. If your contract allows pro-rata payments when the occupier uses spaces or services for only part of the month, select the Pro-rata charges for partial months check box.

    5. Once you are happy with your term details, click Continue.
      The Sites page opens.

  2. Associate one or more sites with the contract:

    • To associate the contract with the site, click the Arrow to move it into the selected column.

    • To break the association between the contract and the site, click X to remove it from the right-hand column.

    • Repeat as required.

      Tip: You can search the list of available sites using the search field above the Site list.

  3. Since you are creating a contract with an occupancy, you should click Continue to create the occupancy and select pricing details for the contract.

  4. Select the spaces that your occupier wants to lease at your selected sites, and click Continue.

    Note: Grey text is used to indicate that some spaces at the selected sites have no availability.

  5. On the Pricing page, supply details of the monthly price that the Occupier is contracted to pay for each of their spaces.
    Note: The Lease Product associated with the space describes pricing for the lease. For example, it indicates what the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for the space should be.
    If there is no lease product associated with the space, this value will say N/A. This may either mean that the essensys Platform is not used for this occupier's occupancy charges, or that this occupancy does not attract a charge.

  6. Once all details are complete, click Create contract.

The contract is created. The contract will apply from the selected start date, with associated billing beginning on the first billing day after that start date.

What next?

If the occupier consumes services at the leased location or selected sites, you will need to set up those services, and associate the services with this contract. For more details, see Add services.

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