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essensys Platform - Understanding user accounts
essensys Platform - Understanding user accounts

What is a user account, and which components does a user have access to? | Create user | essensys Occupier Experience | Portal | Mobile App

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When you create or edit an occupier user in the essensys Platform, you have the option to create a user account for them. This entitles the user to access the essensys Occupier Experience; that is, to sign in to and use a portal and mobile app to manage their own details and services, or, if they are an admin user, to manage more details and services for both themselves and other users with the same occupier.

This topic describes the access that occupier users or admins will have when they sign in their portal or mobile app, so that you can select the appropriate options when you create their user accounts.

essensys Occupier Experience

When you are creating a user account, there may be options to XXX

XXX App and Portal

User roles

XXX User and admin


The following table compares the call or user features that can be set by the operator in the platform's extension features page, and by the occupier in experience's Telephony panel.

Note: The occupier user is only able to modify settings that are specific to the user experience.



Platform / Portal / Mobile App?

Authorization Code

Require an authorization code to make a non-emergency call from this number.

Platform only


Enable voicemail and voicemail to email.

Platform, Portal

Call forwarding

Forward calls to an alternative number in different circumstances (always, busy, when not answered).

Platform, Portal

Call waiting (CW)

Receive a signal that indicates that someone has called you while you are engaged in another call.

Platform, Portal

Do Not Disturb (DND)

All calls received for this number are redirected.

Platform, Portal

Calling Line ID (CLI)

Override the number that is displayed as this phone number's caller ID on outbound calls.

Platform only

Hide Caller ID

Hide your outgoing Caller ID when you call another number.

Platform, Portal

Music on Hold (MOH)

Play recorded music to callers who have been placed on hold.


Anonymous Caller Rejection (ACR)

Reject calls from callers who have blocked their caller ID information.



  • Tel: Features is for a single user. What about multi user?

  • Tel: Can we guarantee all users see this?

  • What do we need to do between creating the customized portal / app and selecting this toggle option to make the user get an invite with a link to the custom location?

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