The Movement History in Operate allows you to view a list of all licences and licence transfers, as a consolidated, comprehensive list. You can find it under Member > Movement History. 

The list comes with the following information: 

  • Location - The building where the movement has taken place. 
  • Account - The customer who has made the move. 
  • Movement Type - This is the movement you select when activating the licence
  • Check In/Out - This tells you whether the move involves a customer checkin or checkout.
  • Product - The Product that constitutes the object of the move.
  • Workstations - The number of workstations involved in the move. 
  • Office Size - The size of the office involved in the move.
  • Rental Amount - The rental amount corresponding to the product involved in the move.
  • Sales Person - The person who has made the sale.
  • Term - The term of the licence.
  • Termination Reason - The reason why the licence has been terminated (if it is the case).
  • Start Date - The start date of the licence.
  • End Date - The end date of the licence.
  • Office - This lists whether the product is an office or not.
  • Created By - The user who has created the licence.
  • Creation Date - The date when the licence has been created.

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