The invoices corresponding to a customer account are also made available on the Portal, if the customer (tenant) is given access. 

Please Note:

invoices will only be displayed in this section if they have been Printed or Emailed when issued. It is possible to email the invoice to yourself if you like. You can find out more about this process here

if you use the Bill Run and and the Automatic Invoice Production feature, invoices will be.printed or emailed automatically

To get started, first log into the Portal, then go to My Account > Invoices

Here is where there is a list of all invoices on the account. All invoices come with the following information: 

  • The invoice date
  • The invoice number, which also links to a preview of the invoice
  • The account to which the invoice belongs
  • The type of invoice
  • The total due
  • The outstanding amount
  • The option to pay outstanding invoices
  • A download link

Paying an Invoice

To pay an invoice on the Portal, simply click the Pay link next to it.

Select whether you would like to make a one time or recurring payment. 

 Click Pay Now, in the left side of your screen. 

On the Make a Payment window, check that the details of your transaction is correct. Depending on the payment gateway in use, there might be a transaction fee for your payment. This will be displayed among the payment details. 

You can choose an existing payment method or add a new one, using the With dropdown.

Click Continue, then click Pay to complete your transaction. 

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