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Paying Operate Invoices on the Member Portal
Paying Operate Invoices on the Member Portal

Using the Member Portal to Pay Operate Invoices, Making a One Time or Recurring Payment

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The invoices corresponding to a customer account are also made available on the Portal, if the customer (tenant) is given access. 

To get started, first log into the Portal, then go to My Account > Invoices

Here is where there is a list of all invoices on the account. All invoices come with the following information: 

  • The invoice date

  • The invoice number, which also links to a preview of the invoice

  • The account to which the invoice belongs

  • The type of invoice

  • The total due

  • The outstanding amount

  • The option to pay outstanding invoices

  • A download link

Paying an Invoice

To pay an invoice on the Portal, simply click the Pay link next to it.

Select whether you would like to make a one time or recurring payment. 

 Click Pay Now, in the left side of your screen. 

On the Make a Payment window, check that the details of your transaction is correct. Depending on the payment gateway in use, there might be a transaction fee for your payment. This will be displayed among the payment details. 

You can choose an existing payment method or add a new one, using the With dropdown.

Click Continue, then click Pay to complete your transaction. 

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