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Client Owned Phone Systems and Connect

What to do when a client does not use the essensys provided phone system, and instead brings in and manages their own

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Some of your tenants may choose to bring in their own desk phones to use in their office space. When they do this they are taking on the responsibility of managing their own phone system and phone numbers. Most should use a 3rd party IT support provider to help them with this

What's the difference?

If a client does this, essensys cannot provide any support as we do not have access to the handsets or the phone numbers themselves. This also means that you don't assign them phone numbers, because they can't use these numbers with their own phones.

Because of the above we always recommend that clients use our phone system. This ensures that we can provide full support and it gives them access to all the features which can be accessed and managed via Connect's Telephone Manager. This is especially apparent when it comes to features such as adding a new number for new user, voicemail PIN resets and setting up forwards/hunt groups; with our system these are instant without the need to call a support department.

How to manage Client owned phones

Please make sure that any client's own handsets are patched into an Essensys LAN Only Port (NOT a Voice/LAN/Internet port) within Connect. This can be completed through Switches. Please follow the Knowledge Base for this further here

The client must also be reminded that essensys cannot support their phone system, as we simply don't have access to it.

A call answering service at your reception will be difficult to set up, and will be very basic due to the two systems being separate. It will need to be handled on a case by case basis manually as set-ups vary.

On-going support 

There is no ongoing support that essensys can provide to a client owned phone system. If they wish to expand and add more users and handsets they will need to contact their own 3rd party IT support to arrange this. If they are expanding into a new office they will need to ensure that they have enough space on their own switch to support the new handsets.

All we can do is ensure that their public IP service is functioning, everything else will be 'behind' their router/firewall which means we can't access it. 

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