Once you have created a list view (or when using one of the default ones) in any particular area of Operate, you can easily update them according to your current preferences. 

There are a few ways to change what your list views display:

  • Editing the list view options

  • Filtering Records

  • Sorting Records

  • Searching through

Editing List View Options

To edit the settings based on which the list view displays records, ensure that your desired list view is selected, then click the pencil icon next to it. Make your changes, then save to ensure your update takes effect.

Here is where you can change list view criteria (Read the main article on List Views for more instructions) or Customizing List View Columns.

Filtering Records

You can filter records within a list view, either by location or by user.

  1. To filter records, first access a module and select a list view.

  2. Use the filter dropdowns at the top right of your record list to apply the filter.

These filters may differ, depending on the area you are viewing. They generally include: locations, users or months.

Tip: You can choose how many records to display per page, by using the dropdown underneath the filters.

Sorting Records

You can sort records within any view simply by choosing what column to sort by, then clicking its title. In the example screenshot below, the records are filtered by Account Name.

Mass Updating Records

You can use a list view to mass update records, simply by selecting the records in question, using the Select All checkbox on the left, clicking Update then selecting the option you want to update. 

Searching for Records

You can search for a specific record by using the Filter search box on the right. Simply type in your keyword (e.g.: the name of a customer), then hit Enter/Return to perform the search. Operate will now list the entry/ies that relate/s to your search.

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