When you organize events at one of your locations, the Operate Portal allows you to promote them and make it easy for members to register. Here is how:

Creating Your Event

Start by going to Portal > Events

Click New

Add General information:

  • Event Name - This is the name under which your event will be visible throughout the system.
  • Location - Where your event is taking place.
  • The Event Owner's Email.
  • Member Price - the price that applies to the attendees who belong to your client organizations. 
  • Enable Non Member Pricing .
  • Non Member Price - The price that applies to attendees who are not part of your client organizations. 
  • The Event start and end dates - The Start Date is the date when the event starts. When the event Start Date passes, it no longer shows in the 'My Events', section; however, it can still be booked until the End Date passes. Therefore, if the event's End Date is in the past compared to the current date, then the event will no longer be available for booking on the Portal.
  • Display the event on the Portal (or not) by unticking or ticking the box respectively. 
  • Set the maximum number of attendees - Please note: In order for the event to be bookable, it needs to have a maximum number of attendees populated in this field.
  • Choose whether to allow multiple attendees

All fields marked with an * are mandatory.

Add an Event Description 

Enter some text that describes your event. This will be displayed every time your event is visible, including on the portal, where potential attendees can register. 

Create an Event Notification Email
Enter your notification text in the message body and use merge fields to retrieve specific customer information from within the system.

  • Select Merge Field allows you to choose the merge field to add to your email. The field will retrieve the information corresponding to each customer. For example, if you use  [FIRSTNAME], Operate will retrieve the specific first name of each attendee receiving the notification. Read more about working with merge fields.
  • Merge field displays the field you have chosen above. Copy this text entirely (including brackets) and paste it wherever you want the information displayed. 
  • Email From is where you can enter the email address that will be displayed as a sender when the email message reaches your attendee. 
  • Email to is an area where you can enter an [EMAIL] merge field so that the system can automatically populate the attendee's email address.
  • Subject is the subject of your email message. 
  • Message - this is where you can add and format your email message. Read more about emails in Operate.

Save the event when you are happy with it.     

As soon as it is saved, your event will be displayed in the list of events, as well as on your portal, if you have selected to display it. 

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