Lounge Wi-Fi is a network (VLAN) and an associated amount of bandwidth which is intended to be used by members who are not full time residents of a site, but do visit one or more of your sites regularly and need access to a Wi-Fi service which is more secure and potentially faster than your guest network.

If you are unsure if one of your sites has Lounge Wi-Fi, or if you would like to request it then please log a case or open a chat with our support team. Note: Only sites utilising 'Wi-Fi Secure' can benefit from this service.

How to add members to Lounge Wi-Fi

  1. If you haven't already, create a new Client using the New Client Wizard, and be sure to select 'Virtual / Lounge' as a client type
  2. Once the client is created, you can invite users to the client as well as giving those users access to Wi-Fi, via the Wi-Fi manager
  3. Those users will sent their Wi-Fi Secure credentials in an email, in the same way a residential client user would

When connecting to Wi-Fi secure, all the users from across the different clients will all be placed into the Lounge network. If the client or users require their own network (VLAN) then they should be created as, or converted to residential clients.

Residents roaming

If you have residential client users who are visiting another one of your sites, they will automatically join the Lounge network over Wi-Fi secure, if it has been setup at that site. If there is no Lounge Wi-Fi present they will automatically join the Guest network.

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