With this integration, as you create or delete a user in Connect, they will be created or deleted in Brivo. The user synchronisation between Brivo and Connect allows you to control user access within your workspace through Connect and also improves the security of your workspace. 

Brivo will support you through the installation process, setting up accounts for your staff and training on how to use their software/interface, so you will be able to make use of the integration between Brivo and Connect.

How to Configure your Brivo Integration

Information essensys Require for Configuration

In order to get you up and running with Brivo you will need to provide us with:

  • Username & Password
  • Client ID & Client Secret

The username and password must be from an administrator account. We recommend setting an administrator account dedicated for Connect rather than providing the details of an existing one.

How to Obtain These Details

To get the Client ID and Client Secret please log into your Brivo account, go to
Setup > Account > Account Settings in the ‘Application Management’ tab. If there is no application management tab available, contact your Brivo account manager.

Click on the application detail button it will display the two bits of info we require - the 'Client ID' and the 'Client Secret'

Once we are provided with the details, we can usually get you up and running within the next working day.

What the Integration Currently Offers

The integration saves you from creating a new user for every tenant and staff member on both systems.

The actions you make on Connect are reflected on Brivo. 

  • Whenever any user is added into Connect e.g. tenants, staff, behind the scenes an account is simultaneously created for them on Brivo. 
  • If you decommission a user in Connect that account will be taken out of the Brivo system.
  • If you disable an account the corresponding user will be removed on Brivo. Suspending an account will suspend the users on Brivo as well, effectively suspending their access credentials (cards, pin codes, etc.)

You can see that the user list in Brivo will be kept in sync with the list of users in Connect.

Integration with an Existing Brivo System

In terms of integrating with an existing Brivo system the synchronisation between the systems will not be implemented for users that were created before the integration was set up. 

For example, If you remove an existing user in Connect, it will not remove the corresponding user in Brivo. Only users created by Connect can be removed by Connect. If you feel this is a significant issue, the solution would involve deleting those users in both systems and re-creating them in Connect. 

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