Operate provides the following pre-configured reports, all found under the Reports module:

Account Reports

  • Account Codes
  • Account Address List
  • Account Contact List
  • Account Discounts Report
  • Account Financial Report 
  • Account Summary Report

Billed Revenue Reports

  • Actual Income Report 
  • Actual Income Report (14 months) 
  • Actual Income Report by Group and Client 
  • Average Revenue per Workstation by Site 
  • Monthly Income Tracker by Client 
  • Monthly Income Tracker Summary 
  • Rent Reconciliation Detail 
  • Rent Reconciliation Summary 
  • Sales Breakdown by Client 
  • Sales Breakdown by Contract 
  • Sales Breakdown by Group 
  • Sales Breakdown by Item 
  • Sales Breakdown by Item Short Code 
  • Sales Breakdown by Revenue Code 
  • Sales Breakdown by Site and Revenue Code 
  • Sales Breakdown Detail 
  • Sales Breakdown with Group & Item Details 
  • Sales by Capture Date 
  • Sales By Classification 
  • Sales By Site and Classification 

Billing Reports

  • Contracted vs Actual Revenue
  • Monthly Client Billing 
  • Monthly Product Group Billing 
  • Pre-Bill Run Report 

Charge Sheet Reports

  • Charge Sheet Batch Report 
  • Charge Sheet Batch Summary 
  • Charge Sheet Detail 
  • Unbilled Charges 

Deposit Reports

  • Deposit Movement Report 

Invoice Reports

  • Booked Invoice Detail with Deferred Income 
  • Booked Invoice Summary with Deferred Income 
  • Contract Services Deferred Income Report 
  • Credit Note Detail Report 
  • Deferred Income Report 
  • Deferred Income Report (6 months)
  • Draft Invoice Detail 
  • Draft Invoice Summary 
  • Draft Invoice Summary By Product Group 
  • Invoice Breakdown by Client & Revenue Code 
  • Printed Invoice Detail 
  • Printed Invoice Detail By Client 
  • Printed Invoice Detail By Contact 
  • Printed Invoice Detail By Product Group  
  • Printed Invoice Detail By Site 
  • Printed Invoice Summary 
  • Printed Invoice Summary By Site 
  • Rent Deferred Income Report 
  • Un-Booked Invoice Detail with Deferred Income 
  • Un-Booked Invoice Summary 
  • Un-Booked Invoice Summary with Deferred Income 
  • Un-Booked Items By Revenue Code 

Item and Product Group Reports

  • Item List 
  • Product Group Analysis 
  • Product Groups 


  • Leads By Stage This Month 

Licence Reports

  • Contract Service Activity Report
  • Current Licence Agreements
  • Length of Tenancy Report 
  • Move in Report 
  • Renewed Licence Report 
  • Terminated Licence Report 
  • Transferred Licence Report 

Meeting Rooms Reports

  • Catering Report 
  • Meeting Rooms Booking Forms 
  • Meeting Rooms Cancellations Report 
  • Meeting Rooms Confirmed Business 
  • Meeting Rooms Detail Report 
  • Meeting Rooms Detail without Pricing 
  • Meeting Rooms Revenue by Client 
  • Meeting Rooms Revenue by Contact 
  • Meeting Rooms Revenue Report 
  • Meeting Rooms Usage by Day 
  • Meeting Rooms Usage Report 
  • Provisional Meeting Rooms Detail Report 
  • Space Publisher Bookings (Last Month) 

Occupancy Reports

  • Contracted Revenue and Forecast Report 
  • Contracted Revenue Report 
  • Contracted Revenue Report by Floor 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report (Rate per Sqft) 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report (Summary) 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report by Floor 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report by Floor (Summary) 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report by Suite Type 
  • Occupancy Forecast Report by Suite Type (Summary) 
  • Occupancy Rent Roll 
  • Occupancy Rent Roll (Workstations) 
  • Occupancy Rent Roll with Contract Services 
  • Summary Occupancy Schedule 
  • Virtual Contracted Occupancy Forecast Report 

Pending Orders 

  • Closed Won Opportunities 
  • Opportunities By Stage This Month 

Pending Orders 

  • Pending Orders Report 

Renewal Report 

  • Rent Renewals Report 

Sales Ledger Reports

  • Account Status
  • Activity Report
  • Aged Debtors Analysis
  • Aged Debtors Analysis (No Deposits)
  • Aged Debtors Analysis Detail 
  • Cash and Journals 
  • Cashbook by Day 
  • Cashbook by Payment Type 
  • Cashbook Report 
  • Debtors Report 
  • Exposure Report 120 Days 
  • Exposure Report 120 Days (InterCentre Billing) 
  • Exposure Report 90 Days 
  • Exposure Report 90 Days (InterCentre Billing) 
  • Outstanding Aged Debtors 
  • Sales Ledger Summary 


  • Active Leads
  • All Active Opportunities 
  • Closed Won Opportunities 
  • New Leads Created This Month 
  • Opportunities By Stage This Month 
  • Opportunities Created This Month 
  • Tours Scheduled This Month 
  • Tours This Month 

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