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General Operate Portal Guide for MembersYou can use this guide to show your customers how to use the Operate Portal
Invite Members to Your Operate Member Portal / Automate New Contact Onboarding for LicencesThis guide explains how to automatically invite new members to your portal, once a customer activates a licence
One-click Portal and App InvitesAdd a button to invite contacts to the portal and the App with one click
Manually Inviting Members to the Operate PortalThis guide describes how you or your customers can invite contacts to the Operate Portal
Managing Portal Pages in OperateCreate customized Text or HTML pages for your Operate Portal
Revoking Portal Access for a ContactThis guide shows you how to restrict a contact's access to the Operate Portal
Community Portal and GDPRHow the new GDPR standards have been met within the Community Portal
Customizing the look and feel of your portalWhat can be done to make your Operate member portal look like your website
Things to Consider when Launching Your essensys Member PortalHere is a list of aspects that you might want to consider on when launching your essensys Member Portal:
Setting up Your Member PortalThe Overall Member Portal Setup Process
How to set up a CNAME for your Vanity URL in OperateThe process for setting up a CNAME for your Vanity URL
How to set up a Vanity URL in OperateThe process for setting up a Vanity URL
Installing / Uninstalling Operate Portal ModulesAdd or Remove Portal sections by uninstalling corresponding modules
Accessing Your Member PortalHow to Gain Access to Your Member Portal
Integrating Operate with your websiteFeatures you can use when integrating Operate with your website
Inviting Members to Your Operate Member Portal / Contact OnboardingThis guide is applicable to the Operate Member Portal when also using Operate's CRM Module
Member Portal - Setting up Member Access LevelsConfigure user permissions for your member portal and mobile app
What the Member Portal Looks Like for Users with Different Access LevelsThis is what the Portal will look like for your contacts, depending on their Access Level:
Managing Users on Your Member PortalManage Users, Profiles and Permissions directly from the Member Portal
Disabling the Member Portal for External ClientsRestricting Member Portal Account Creation for External Clients
Operate Portal Page ResponsivenessThis article clarifies the mobile responsive pages within the Operate Member Portal