As of November 2017, essensys will discontinue the use of CassieInTheCloud as a Member Portal management tool. All Portal management features are now available via Operate. 

The Important Change

If you currently use CassieInTheCloud to manage your Portal, you will now have a Operate Username and Password, which you can use to log into Operate to manage your Portal settings. 

You do not need to use Operate for your other tasks, if you are a CentreCharge customer. The purpose of this change is to allow you to use the improved portal management features that Operate provides and move on from the older CassieInTheCloud platform. Therefore, you would only need to log into Operate in order to manage your Portal.

How are Features Changing?

Most of the current Cassie features are also available within Operate. There are a few exceptions where the feature is either no longer available or it has changed more significantly.

  • The  'Look and Feel' section, which is not present in Operate. If you have any branding issues after these changes, please get in touch with our support team for assistance.
  • The Client Diary, available only in Cassie, under Modules, is also no longer in use.
  • Modules > Emails Sent now works differently. In Operate, you are able to see the email communication with each account, using their Activity History. This tracks your email conversations, as well as calls, tours, etc. Read more about emails in Operate. Read more about Operate's email features.
  • Modules > Users > Log ons is not currently available in Operate.
  • Modules > Transactions is now managed under Invoicing > Accounts Receivable, where you can see the transactions that correspond to each account. Read more about the Accounts Receivable Module.

All other features are available, however, their placement will be different from what you may be used to. Here is a description of where you will find Cassie features in Operate: 

The bold text in the list below represents Cassie menu areas.

Portal Settings -  Please see the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Operate Portal

Now, let's look at the menu bar and find out where each of these sections is available within Operate: 

For menu references within Operate, please check the explanatory guide

Events - The settings within this section are found in the Operate menu, under Portal > Events. This section includes both the Cassie Event Manager, as well as the ability to configure new events. Read a guide about managing Events in Operate. You can also find out more about how your attendees can register.

Announcements - Please see the main Operate menu > Portal > Announcements. Find out more about managing Announcements.
Venues - In Operate, 'Venues' are called 'Locations' and are being managed under Space > Locations. Please take a look at the guides available here to find out more.

Meeting Rooms and Hot Desks - In Operate, these are both Products types and are being managed under Space > Products. Here is where you will see all of your products, from which you can easily filter any product type you need. When creating new meeting rooms/desks, it is easy to select the product type from a dedicated screen. Here is how to create a meeting room and a desk. To find out more about Products in Operate, please have a look at this Knowledge Base section.

Customize - This section does not have an Operate equivalent. It comprises the Portal Settings, Invite Friends and the Look and Feel section. We have discussed the Portal Settings above; and Look and Feel does not have a correspondent in Operate. We will look at invitations next.

  • Invite Friends - Operate Portal Invites can be sent using the process described here.

Modules - Once again, this section has no Operate equivalent itself; however its subsections do. Let's look at them below: 

  • Email Notifications - Operate manages Portal Email Notifications using Workflows, which you can find out more about here. Your current email notifications should be in place in Operate. If you have any issues, please get in touch with our support for assistance.
  • Policies and Terms and Conditions - These are being managed as part of your Portal configuration, under the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Operate Portal. Here is where you will find a screen section dedicated to Policies and T&Cs. You can find out more in Step 3 of this guide.
  • Meeting Rooms / Hot Desks > Services - These do not need to be enabled for each room or desk in Operate. They are made available for all bookings, regardless of the room.
  • Meeting Rooms > Rules - These can be managed under the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Meeting Rooms. Please see the guide here. Before your Meeting Rooms can be booked online, please follow the steps provided here to enable the feature.
  • Hot Desks > Rules  - Similarly to Meeting Rooms, they are managed under the Operate Settings > Portal > Desks. More information is available here. Before your Desks can be booked online, please follow the steps provided here to enable the feature.
  • Meeting Rooms / Hot Desks > Notifications - Similarly to Email Notifications, these are managed using Operate Workflows and you should find yours in place when switching to Operate.
  • Meeting Rooms / Hot Desks > Availability - This can be checked by both the Operator and the Customer, via the Operate Calendar and CentreCharge Calendar and the Portal Calendar respectively. An exact equivalent of the Cassie section can be found under the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Availability.
  • Meeting Rooms / Hot Desks External Booker - In Operate, this is called a Booking Widget and is available under the Settings > General > Portal > Meeting Rooms > Booking Widget or Settings > General > Portal > Desks > Booking Widget.
  • Configure Invoices - This section is available under the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Portal Invoices.
  • Configure Licences - Its equivalent is found under the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Portal Licences.
  • Configure Statements - This section is found under the Operate Settings > General > Portal > Portal Statements. 
  • Promo Codes - These are managed under the Operate Menu > Portal > Promo Codes. Read more about them here.
  • Single Sign On - The setup is available under the general Portal Settings, in Operate Settings > General > Portal > Operate Portal. 

If you are in need of assistance with regards to this change, please use the chat widget at the bottom right corner of your screen to contact us.

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