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This article shows how to see more details about a switch port

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For each switch port at your site, you can run a small line test to gather details about the switch port. This includes the current status, if any devices are connected and the last time this port was active.

To check the switch port, first select Switches:

Now select the switch, then switch port you would like to test. If you are not sure which switch port it is but you know the exact device that is plugged in, please see this article - Connect MAC Address Finder.

For example, in the image below, I have selected sw01.ald.es (Switch 1), port 1:11 (Slot 1, switch port 11):

Once selected, you should see an orange ring around the port you have selected as above.

Now click Switch Port Details:

It will bring up the following screen:

The above image is an example of a port that is active, with a handset connected.

Please see key below for this:

Port name = Switch port
LinkStatus = Active means there is a device connected and powered on, Inactive means there is no device
Speed = This is the link speed on the port, this should be either 100 or 1000
Duplex = This should always be full if a device is connected
Comment = A comment will display if one has been added
Learning = This should always be true if a device is connected
PoE = This is Power over Ethernet. The handsets and Wireless Access Point's (WAP) are all powered via the ethernet cable. If there is a device connected, this will state 'delivering'. It will display 'searching' if there is no device detected. The patching would need to be checked if the port stated 'searching'
MAC = This is the MAC address of the device connected. You will often see two MAC's. One would be a handset, the other would be a PC. You can determine which is which by checking the VLAN next to the MAC address. If it contains 'voip', this should be the handset. The other VLAN will be the clients private network. For more info on a MAC address please click here
LLDP Neighbour IP = This will be the IP address of the phone connected. It will display the handset IP address only if a handset is connected.
Last Active Time = This is the last time the switch could see a device plugged in and powered on. Note that if the port is currently Active, this time will show the last time that the port was InActive before becoming Active.

Below is an example of an InActive port:

If you are seeing the above screen when you believe the switch port should be Active, you will need to check a few things:

  1. Is the port allocated on Connect? Does it have a role and a Client?

  2. Is the patching to the floor port correct?

  3. Try plugging in a device directly to the switch port instead of the floor port. Does the Switch Port Details now come up correctly?

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