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Operate - Data Returned by essensys upon Licence Termination
Operate - Data Returned by essensys upon Licence Termination

See what data essensys can return when you stop using Operate

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If you decide to stop using Operate and terminate your essensys Licence, we are able to provide your data upon termination. 

The data will include the following:

  • All SQL data will be provided, in the format of an SQL database backup. This is a .bak file which needs to be restored onto an SQL server to view the data. Document and email templates are included within the backup.

  • All documents from the 'Notes and Attachments' section of your records - (this can be anything since Operate generates documents automatically, but you can also upload files. This can include, for instance, signed licence documents, invoices, credit notes, other .pdf files associated to a record. Emails within the Activity History of your records are also included.  This is provided in the form of a zip archive, containing your files. Emails will be in the .eml format which can be opened by any email client. 

  • For invoices to be in the 'Notes and Attachments' section they need to be emailed or printed after approval.

Notice of data return needs to be given at termination time, and the data will be provided within 30 days. 

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