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essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Wi-Fi heatmap
essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Wi-Fi heatmap

How can I monitor the patterns of use on the Wi-Fi Secure network across my sites? | Heatmap | Patterns of use | Wi-Fi Secure |

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The purpose of the heatmap is to visualize use of the Wi-Fi Secure network at your sites. This lets you understand the busiest times of day, and determine the number of concurrent occupier users (members) that are typically online during specific intervals.

You can view a heatmap for a selected site; on a given day, week, or month; and you can exclude weekends from the visualization.

Tip: As well as understanding bandwidth usage, the heatmap can help you to improve capacity planning, ensuring that you have enough staff at your site during the site's busiest times, and maximizing space occupancy or utilization by promoting services or co-working plans.

View Wi-Fi Secure heatmap

Access the report

All site reports are located in the Operations section of the essensys Platform. To open the correct section:

  1. In the main menu, click Operations.
    The Operations page opens. By default, Reports is selected from the overhead menu.

  2. Under Wi-Fi reports, click Wi-Fi users heatmap.

The Wi-Fi users heatmap report opens. By default, the report shows this month's data for the first selected site in your Site selector list.

Understand the heatmap

The purpose of the heatmap is to allow you to visualize times when there are lots of users connecting to your Wi-Fi Secure network, so that you can understand when your network and your site is busy.

Manipulate the map




Hover over the heatmap to open a tool tip containing:

  • The number of online users.

  • The date and time that your selection represents.


  • Detail pop-up

  • Export CSV

Click anywhere on the heatmap to open a "detail" pop-up that describes the devices that were connected in the selected 10 minute period.

The fields in the pop-up include:

  • Access point - The WAP that the device connected to.

  • MAC - The MAC address for the device.

  • Email - The user's email address.

  • Device - The device type, where it is known.

  • Client - The occupier that the user belongs to.

For more information, see Secure Wi-Fi detail.

Click Export CSV to download the same report as a CSV file.

Note: The number of users online (heatmap) is not the same as the number of devices online (detail), because each user may connect multiple devices.

Temperature key:

The key to the heatmap, showing how many users must be online concurrently for an area of the report to show in a particular color.

  • The color at the top of the key represents the largest number of connected users.

  • The color at the bottom of the key represents the smallest number of connected users.

Click a color along the column to:

  • Display the approximate number of users the color represents alongside the key.

  • Highlight all of the areas of the graph where the color (and therefore that number of users) were connected at the site.

Change the settings



Site selector

The site that you are reporting on. The sites offered are those sites at which you have site access.

Note: This report is site specific, so you cannot select multiple sites.


  • Day / Week / Month

  • <Selected period>

  • Exclude weekends

Use the Day / Week / Month buttons to open the calendar tool, and select the date range for the report.

Use the Exclude weekends toggle to include or exclude weekends from the report.

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