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essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Count of Wi-Fi Users
essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Count of Wi-Fi Users

How many users are connecting to the Wi-Fi Secure network at my sites? | Occupier user | Account team member | Count

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Count the number of users connecting or connected to the Wi-Fi Secure network across multiple sites.


  • Wi-Fi Secure is the network that your individual occupier users or operator team members use when connecting their private Wi-Fi enabled devices to the network. For more information, see Wi-Fi overview.

  • Users may each connect multiple devices to the Wi-Fi Secure network, but this report counts the user connections and not the individual device connections.

  • Users are account team members, occupier users at their Wi-Fi homesite, and roaming users (occupier users visiting sites other than their Wi-Fi homesite).

Count of Wi-Fi users

Access the report

All site reports are located in the Operations section of the essensys Platform. To open the correct section:

  1. In the main menu, click Operations.
    The Operations page opens. By default, Reports is selected from the overhead menu.

  2. Under Wi-Fi reports, click Count of Wi-Fi users.

The Count of Wi-Fi users report opens. By default, the report shows the number of users connecting to the Wi-Fi Secure network across your first 10 selected sites.

Important: The default selection in the Site selector is All sites, but this report only shows 10 sites at a time. To view the other selected sites, use the horizontal Site scroll bar at the bottom of the page to change which 10 sites are currently visible.

Note: As you scroll, the names of the first and last sites that are currently visible in the report show to the left and right of the scroll bar.

Report details

This report shows the number of users that are connected to Wi-Fi Secure at each of the selected sites now, the number of users that connected within the reported time period, and the average number of user connections across the selected sites.

Important: The number of connections reflects the number of users, not the number of devices. One user may connect multiple devices to the network.

Report settings (right)



Site Selector

  • All sites

  • <site name>

Select the site or sites whose users you wish to count:

  • Selecting all sites selects or clears all of the sites in the list of sites.
    The list includes all sites where you have site access.

  • Selecting each <site name> independently adds or removes the site to or from the report.

Note: It is not possible to have no sites selected.

Tip: If you select more than 10 sites from this list, you will need to use the Site scroll bar to scroll through the sites shown in the report. See Report body.


  • Day / Week / Month

  • <Selected period>

  • Exclude weekends

Use the Day / Week / Month buttons to open the calendar tool and select the date range for the report.

Use the Exclude weekends toggle to include or exclude connections at the weekends from the report.

Report body




  • Users connected in period

  • Users connected now

  • Average

For each selected site, the report shows the following:

  • The number of users that connected to the Wi-Fi Secure network in the selected period (the current month, by default).

  • The number of users that are currently connected to the Wi-Fi Secure network.

  • The average is the number of connected users across the selected sites, divided by the number of selected sites.

Hover (tool tip)

Each set of bars represents the connection details for the site named on the Y axis.

Hover your cursor over the bars to view a details tool tip showing the connection details for that site.

Site scroll bar

Scroll through the selected sites. Drag to the left or right to change which of the selected sites are shown in the report.

Note: This report only shows details of 10 sites. This scroll bar lets you see those selected sites that would otherwise be hidden.

To change the number of sites that are currently showing (must be 10 or fewer):

  • Drag the handle nearest to the 0 on the x-axis to change the first site included in the report.

  • Drag the other handle to select the last site included in the report.

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