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Batch Sheets Haven't Transferred During the Operate Bill Run
Batch Sheets Haven't Transferred During the Operate Bill Run
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There are several reasons due to which this can occur. Before contacting the essensys Support team, please check your |Batch Sheets and ensure that none of thee below reasons applies:

  • The Account Start Date is set after the Batch Date - Please go to Member > Accounts and check the customer's Account record to find out. 

  • The charges do not fall into the period selected during the Bill Run. If you are certain that a certain Batch Sheet should be billed, please update the Batch Date and go through the Bill Run one more time. 

  • The Batch Sheet has not been completed or approved. Please check the Batch Sheet record and make sure it is both Completed and Approved, otherwise the Bill Run will not consider it as being ready to bill. 

  • There are zero rated charges on the Batch Sheet. Please either remove them or enable thee Product to be invoiced with a zero price. You can do this by editing the Product record in question, under Space > Products. On the record editing page, scroll to Additional Options and enable Can be Zero Price.

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