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This is a description of what the Platform actually does!

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1.1. The essensys Platform (formerly “Connect”)

The essensys platform is a SAAS delivered solution that allows the configuration and management of Compatible LAN infrastructure to deliver Occupier Services along with tools for day-to-day management of a building or collection of buildings designed to enhance commercial property experience & management. Below is a high-level summary of features currently available in the core and optional modules available;

Core features


Dashboard/ Premises summary

Aggregated display of selected data relating to usage of the infrastructure and software at a connected premises.

Space management

Digital representation of a physical premises, floor or set of spaces. Includes simple management tools to ensure that the client can capture relevant data on their buildings or spaces.

Switch management

An Operator of the Solution [RG1] will be able to manage l switches via the software; associate a Consumer to specific switches (via “Contracts”), power cycle & configure switches to specific floor ports.

Floor port management

An Operator of the Solution can visually manage floor ports, and assign floor ports to an individual room.. An Operator of the Solution can manage which Consumer is configured to floor ports and configure floor port to switch mapping.

Wi-Fi Device management

The ability to remotely add Users’ devices to the Wi-Fi network in buildings and manage which Users’ devices are enabled.

Consumer/User management

An Operator can Create & manage Consumer companies, associate Consumers/Users to spaces as described, enable services and products for Consumer and billing and provide day to day management of their Users including Wi-Fi.


Contracts are a digital representation of the start date, end date and spaces licensed by Customer to a Consumer.

Price Books, products & pricing

A Price Book is a list of products which the Customer can create which will be available at a Premises to be further sold to any Consumer or prospect Consumers. A product is any commercial element which the Customer wishes to sell to a Consumer. A product may or may not have an associated price (depending on the strategy of the Customer) but the price terms will be defined on the product & surface when a purchase is made or agreed.

Consumer Services

See (3.2)

Charges export

When a Consumer/User consumes a productised space, service or product, the Customer will be able to create an export of charges for a specific period. This may then be uploaded to a 3rd party invoicing system.

Account management

An Operator can manage their physical access of Users to, Wi-Fi and login access to the Solution.

Guest Wi-Fi branding

Guest Wi-Fi experience may also be branded to reflect the

Customer’s brand.


A Customer may raise a support case if an issue is encountered with the software or infrastructure which will be sent to the

Customer Success Service defined below.

Branded Mobile App

Native smartphone app for iOS and Android that may be configured to suit the brand of the Customer with updates automatically delivered to the Customer’s Apple and Google

store accounts.

1.2. Consumer Services (formerly “Marketplace Services”):

These are services provided to Customer for use by Consumers as set up in the Solution by a Customer. Those which are currently available are listed below with additional services becoming available from time to time:

1.2.1. Private Internet service. Each Consumer will have a private RFC1918 range assigned to them, a /24 taken from a larger pool. These have DHCP enabled by default. Access Control Lists prevent routing between 172.16 networks aside from into a common “utilities” network used for shared resources, to isolate Consumer networks into separate VLANS. The essensys hosted shared firewall or Customer Hardware on-premises Firewall (depending on Internet Connection) will NAT the 172.16 addresses to its external IP, which is then routed out to the Internet. All outbound traffic is permitted by the firewall. Any "inbound" traffic that is in response to an outbound connection from any LAN device uses the already established (stateful) connection and is not subject to its own inbound FW rule. Only unsolicited traffic is regarded as inbound by the firewall and is blocked. This firewall configuration is known as ‘anything out, nothing in’.

1.2.2. Public Internet Service. Delivery mechanism and availability depends on type of Internet Service chosen. These are unfiltered, untranslated publicly routable IP addresses. No DHCP. Where available this will either be a /30 or /29, with one IP used by essensys as the gateway for the subnet.

1.2.3. VLAN Service. The Public Internet and Private IP Address (Managed network) traffic are partitioned on a Consumer -by-Consumer basis on-Premises using Ethernet VLANs and access control lists. As such a Consumer is unable to see/reach devices in another Consumer’s private VLAN. These VLANS are provisioned and torn down automatically by the Solution. This VLAN automatically allocated to the ports within the Consumer’s unit assigned to that Consumer in the Solution by an Operator.

1.2.4. Bandwidth Shaping. Using the essensys Platform, assured dedicated Internet bandwidth can be allocated to a Customer VLAN, or Customer VLANs can alternatively be placed in a shared bandwidth pipe with other Consumer VLANS.

1.2.5. Wi-Fi Authentication Service. Where a Consumer Service has been set up in the Solution that creates a VLAN and Internet access for a Consumer, Users from that Consumer can then be added singly or in bulk by the Operator or Consumer to enable access to this service over the essensys Wi-Fi Service. Each Users email address forms the basis for authentication onto the Wi-Fi. The Solution authenticates the User and will tag their traffic directly into their Consumer VLAN. A User can use their credentials across 3 devices (configurable to a maximum of 6). Subject to written approval by essensys, the Wi-Fi Authentication Service may be made available across Wi-Fi Installations not provided or managed by essensys.[

1.2.6. Voice service. In UK, Canada & United States only Telecommunications services will include access to a Voice service. This service provides standard call control features including call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, CLI presentation, voicemail, hold music, priority alert, do not disturb, simultaneous / sequential calls, speed dial. All features are available, not all are configured via the Solution

1.2.7. Residential service. Residential services are terminated on a compatible handset.

1.2.8. Virtual and main number services. Users can have incoming calls routed through the reception who will answer and direct calls on behalf of the Consumer using a custom Operator Console interface. Virtual services can then be transferred off-net to a number provided by the Consumer.

1.2.9. Other Consumer Services

essensys reserves the right to change the specification of, withdraw and introduce new Consumer Services from time to time. The following Consumer Services are currently available where Voice Services are available.

Service Name


Voice Std User

Standard user, including single DDI and voicemail.

Conference Bridge

A Conference Bridge allows a number of people to participate in a telephone call from their own phone line. A conference bridge works like a virtual meeting room where participants are

able to call in to a shared telephone number, enter the specific

ID and PIN and be placed into a conference call where they can talk

with all other participants.

Auto Attendant

An interactive voice response system, also known as an Auto Attendant, is a way of allowing callers to select where their calls get routed to just by pressing a number on their keypad. This helps to guide incoming calls through a menu containing voice


Operator Console

A service that permits a receptionist to screen incoming calls to main numbers.

Call Recording

Through the Solution, Operators can provide Consumers with a call recording service *. Users can listen to, download, export or email recorded calls or groups of recorded calls straight from the portal. Consumers can request access to the service for individual Users, or for administrative Users.

*legal compliance associated with call recording and the data

arising from it is a matter for the Customer not essensys.

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