You can customize the look and feel of some pages to match your brand or corporate identity. This can update the appearance of:

  • The essensys Platform.
    The white labelling branding updates the logos, branding icons, text and background, and colours to reflect your company's look and feel.

  • The Guest Wi-Fi splash screen.
    The Guest Wi-Fi branding customizes the splash screen that your users see when they sign in to the Guest Wi-Fi at your site or sites.

Important: In each case, you use a wizard to step through the process of creating new branding details.

Branding Considerations

When updating the branding, it is important to consider which identity is most appropriate. You should consider the following:

  • The essensys Platform is used by the operator to manage site and user data. The branding changes should, therefore, reflect the operator (landlord) identity.

  • The Guest Wi-Fi splash screen is seen by visitors when they access the Guest Wi-Fi at a particular site. The branding changes should, therefore, reflect the operator (landlord) and Site identity.

How do I brand my pages?

How do I access the Branding pages?

All of the branding tasks are performed in the Branding pages:

  1. From the main navigation, click Branding.

  2. Use the tabs across the top of the page to access the correct branding wizard:

    • To access the essensys Platform branding wizard, click the Whitelabelling tab.

    • To access the Guest Wi-Fi wizard, click the Guest Wi-Fi tab.

What does Branding entail?

  • Whitelabelling the essensys Platform.
    The essensys Platform branding reflects the operator identity. The branding changes are set up in that wizard and apply across the Platform.

  • Guest Wi-Fi splash screens.

    The Guest Wi-Fi branding reflects the operator identity, but also applies per site. Because of this, you can create multiple branding templates in the Guest Wi-Fi wizard (either based on the default or by cloning an existing template), and apply those templates to one or more sites as per your requirements.

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