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essensys Platform - Branding - White labeling
essensys Platform - Branding - White labeling

How do I make the essensys Platform match my brand or corporate identity? | Operator Identity | Platform, portal, and service guide branding

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The objective of the white labeling process is to create a custom "theme" that you (an operator) can use to brand essensys applications and documents. Your theme includes your corporate logos, text color, and font selection, and, once created, is applied to:

  • The essensys Platform.

  • The essensys Portal.

  • The essensys Service Guide.

This means that the Service Guide, for example, will be branded with your corporate style. Your occupiers will, therefore, see the information about their site and services as supplied by you, their operator.

White labeling the essensys applications

The steps you can perform in the theme builder include:

  1. Replace the essensys logo with your logo (Upload your logo).

  2. Replace the essensys brand icon with your brand icon (Upload your brand icon).

  3. Set the text and background properties.

  4. Set colors used in the pages.

Important: When you complete and apply your branded theme, you should check it closely. You can use Restore defaults in the final page of the theme builder to abandon your changes after they have been applied.

Accessing the White labeling theme builder

  1. From the left-hand navigation, click Branding.

  2. Click the Whitelabelling tab.
    On this page, you will see a summary of the steps that you will step through in the theme builder.

Upload a Logo and an Icon

  1. Click Start to upload your logo and icon.
    In the main editor, you will see details describing where your logos will appear in the essensys Platform when they are added, and how this will look when the navigation bar is collapsed or extended.

  2. Upload Your logo.
    Your logo is the main logo in the branded output.
    Select a file that fulfills the following requirements:

    • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF.

    • Maximum file size: 2MB.

      Tip: essensys recommends using a JPG or PNG.

  3. Upload a Brand icon.
    If you do not wish to supply a brand icon, select the I prefer not to use a brand icon check box.
    Otherwise, select a file that fulfills the following requirements:

    • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF.

    • Maximum file size: 200KB.

    • Recommended dimensions: 32x32 pixels.

  4. Once files have been successfully uploaded, click Next to continue to the next step.

Tip: If you upload an image in error or wish to change your selections, you can click Remove file and upload an alternative file instead.

Text and background

The next step in the theme builder is text and background. In this step, you can customize the following:




A drop-down list of fonts for selection. All text will appear in the selected font.

Text color

Options for headings, body, navigation, and labels.

Select from the three text color options: Black, Off black, and Dark grey.

Uppercase headings toggle


Subnav / auxiliary text

Select the color using the picker, or input a hex value.


Select the color using the picker, or input a hex value.


Select from Cold grey or Warm grey.

Once you have selected all inputs that you require, click Next to move to the next step.


This step lets you customize colors for the following:



Buttons and Toggles

Defines the appearance settings for the buttons and toggles throughout.

  • Background – Select the background color using the color picker, or input a hex value.

  • Text color – Select to show light or dark text.

Note: Click Reset to return the button appearance to its default setting.

Uppercase text on button toggle



Defines which colors to use for the different indicator types (Success, Warnings, Errors, and Info). In each case:

  • The title indicates which indicator type's colors you are changing. For example, the Warning indicator colors are:

    Note: The standard color for a warning indicator is yellow.

  • To select one of the shades of yellow for use as your warning color, click the Dark, Bright, or Light button accordingly.

  • To select a custom color for the indicator (for example, because your operator branding has a style that clashes with the color yellow), click the Custom button. Select a color using the color picker, or input a hex value. Once selected, the custom color is used for the indicator.

Once all steps are completed, you can:

  • Navigate Back to review your inputs.

  • Click Cancel to cancel the journey completely and discard your changes.

  • Click Save to save all of your selections and apply your new branding.

Once you have saved your selections, the essensys Platform's appearance will be updated to reflect your changes.

What next?

  • Now that you have completed and applied your branded theme, you should check it closely and use Restore defaults to abandon your changes and return to the default branding, if necessary.

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